What does Seventy Ninth™ Resources do?

Our successful strategy is based on a distressed acquisition model, allowing us to amass a portfolio of West Africa’s most lucrative mining concessions.

The Websters, by way of their company Seventy Ninth Resources, are the sole owners of their seventeen mining concessions located in The Republic of Guinea. By the end of 2021, the company had acquired nine more concessions that year and had inherited the title of the largest natural resource owner by number of concessions under ownership and management in West Africa.

Seventy Ninth™ Resources is managed and advised by a strong team of industry leaders who sit on their board, who work with leading figures in law, finance and geology, ensuring that the company operates with the highest levels of trust, integrity and professionalism to mitigate risks to all stakeholders. Ernst & Young, SRK Exploration and Fieldfisher LLP are just some of the names that we work with alongside CBE-awarded board members Andy Cole CBE & Adrienne Kelbie CBE.

According to a 2021 report from the World Gold Council, gold is the most effective commodity investment.

Due to benefits such as it being an effective portfolio diversifier and it outperforming other types of commodities during periods of low inflation.

“When Wall Street is afraid, the world is dazzled by gold”

is what The Motley Fool Author, Robin Hartill, used to open her article on 5 Good Reasons to Invest in Gold No Matter What the Stock Market is Doing. Gold has long been considered a “safe haven” for investors as it generally retains its value even during economic downturns.

In fact, the iconic Warren Buffett, who has a renowned disdain for investing in gold, did so at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic after his company Berkshire Hathaway sold its entire shares in the aviation industry, one of the worst-hit industries of the pandemic and instead bought 20.9 million shares in Canadian-based gold mining company, Barrick Gold.

Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris suggests that at least 30% of your portfolio should be in gold. “You need to have part of a portfolio invested in gold. I say 20% to 30%. I used to be at 50%. It is something that is fundamental.” Why? “Let’s say the inflation comes in and there is a crash in the stock market for any reason or the other, you know, then you will be very happy that … you have a position in gold,”.

Mandiana Auto
Gold - 23.656km²

Lusso North Mandiana
Gold - 44.78km²

Mandiana Recherche
Gold - 23.829km²

Lusso North Siguiri
Gold - 48.47km²

Lusso South Siguiri
Gold - 44.78km²

Anglo-Guinea Resources Siguiri
Gold and Associated Minerals. - 83.754km²

New England Mining Dinguiraye
Gold and Associated Minerals. - 41.533km²

London Hope Mining Dinguiraye
Gold and Associated Minerals. - 98.814km²

Anglo-Japan Mining Kouroussa
Gold and Associated Minerals.- 99.528km²

Lusso South Kankan Auto
Gold and Associated Minerals.- 90.161km²

New England Mining Mandiana
Gold and Associated Minerals.- 41.533km²

79G Anglo Guinea Resources Kerouana
Iron - 293.447km²

Future Resources
Diamond - 14.187km²

79G Anglo Guinea Resources Kindia
Bauxite - 211.160km²

Woodpecker Da-Pi
Bauxite - 471.048km²

Woodpecker Woke
Bauxite - 317.324km²

The Republic of Guinea, West Africa.

The steps in our investment strategy is what makes us unique.

Step 1: Pre-Acquisition

Seventy Ninth™ Resources are presented with an undervalued opportunity via established relationships.

Step 2: Initial Due Diligence

Following initial compliance and regulatory due diligence, Seventy Ninth Resources™ contracts with the vendor, subject to verification of: 

Legal Title


Project Forecast & Projections

Reservation Agreement Seventy Ninth Resources™ has EY engage in a reservation agreement to secure the asset (pending further enhanced due diligence) and include approval for a new, full seven-year exploration licence to be issued by the relevant authorities.

Step 3: Enhanced Due Diligence

Seventy Ninth Resources™ appoints Ernst & Young and SRK Exploration to complete extensive third party, independent due diligence and research on the concession. Seventy Ninth Resources™ begins the process of obtaining project specific insurances required.

Step 4: Deployment of Funds

Following board approval of the due diligence findings, Seventy Ninth Resources™ approves the acquisition and our investment funds are deployed to secure the asset into the portfolio.