About Us

A little about Seventy Ninth™ Resources.

Our natural resource concessions are located in the Siguiri Basin, in close proximity to some of the worlds largest identified gold deposits.

Located within the world-renowned Siguiri Basin, some of our concessions are just a stone’s throw away from the incredibly profitable mines of AngloGold Ashanti and Hummingbird Resources PLC.

Created by entrepreneurial father and sons, Dave, Jake and Curtis Webster, Seventy Ninth™ Resources is one of the fastest-growing asset management companies in the world and has been awarded the Best New Business Award by Best Business Awards. By the end of 2021, the company is on track to become West Africa’s largest gold mine operator by number of managed concessions.

The Websters have been present within the Republic of Guinea, building relationships with tribal elders within local communities to build an ethical, secure and trusted family-orientated business.

We operate with the highest levels of compliance and endeavour to reduce risk as much as possible to our stakeholders. By working with respected industry leaders and trusted companies and with two board members who have been knighted by The Queen of England, we mitigate risks at every opportunity. By working with respected industry leaders and trusted companies, two of whom have been knighted by The Queen of England, we aim to eliminate risk at every opportunity.

Seventy Ninth™ Resources is one of the worlds fastest growing natural resource companies. In 2021, the company became the largest owner of natural resource concessions in West Africa, measure by number the number of concessions under ownership and management.

How and when did Seventy Ninth™ Resources start?

Seventy Ninth™ Resources was born in 2020 after the directors had spent eight years on the ground in the Republic of Guinea gaining hands-on experience in gold mining operations and building relationships with tribal elders in the communities surrounding the mines.

What originally started as a father and son team of three has now grown into a strong team of more than twenty five in less than twelve months. 

How we do it

Our strategy.

Seventy Ninth Resources implements and deploys a unique and agile acquisition model, which performs optimally in distressed market conditions, or periods of economic turmoil and geo political instability. The Webster family, renowned for ‘entering markets where others wont venture’, have uniquely positioned Seventy Ninth Resources to acquire and manage lucrative natural resource concessions which have originated from distressed transactional situations, or concessions which have been underexplored.

The Webster family and its board of directors, who have operated across West Africa for over 30 years collectively, harness the experience of its professional partners and long standing relationships to implement various exploration programmes across its portfolio of natural resource concessions, with the support of nearby local communities who recognise the Webster family and subsequently Seventy Ninth Resources for its humanitarian efforts and commitment for a sustainable future in Africa.

While many of our competitors exited the The Republic of Guinea during the Ebola epidemic and recent COVID-19 pandemic, leaving the mining sector financially distressed, we decided to increase our financial commitment and resources in the country, as well as remain committed toward local communities we work with. These efforts have put Seventy Ninth™ Resources in prime position when identifying and acquiring distressed resource concessions. We have unparalleled, preferential access to the market, at a time when the value of gold is at a record high and more important to the global economy than ever before.

The team behind the success.

Jake Webster

Managing Director

Curtis Webster

Investment Director

Andy Cole CBE

Board Advisor

Adrienne Kelbie CBE

Non-executive Director

Phillip Jones

FAA FACPA FTTA Board Advisor

Gary Pitts

Non-executive Director

Genevieve Pearson

Non-executive Director

Andor Lips

Non-executive Director

Natalie Bellis

Chief Executive Officer

Gill Newman

Chief Operating Officer

Alicia McMahon

Human Resources Manager

Alexander Jenkinson

Investment Team Leader

Justine Murphy

Group Legal Executive

Ashley Weston

Executive Assistant

Phil Hayton

Social Media & Events Manager

Amy Jones

Investment Onboarding Officer

Adam Kendal-Crispin

Investment Onboarding Officer

Leanne Hodgson

Investment Onboarding Officer

Jamie Mather

Account Manager