Seventy Ninth™ Resources is the largest owner of natural resources in West Africa.

Measured by concessions under ownership and management.

Our Success Strategy

Enriching lives,
creating value.

Seventy Ninth Resources (previously known as Lusso Tesoro) is a division of The Seventy Ninth Group, a UK-based, family-owned asset management business with a proven track record in delivering substantial returns in distressed markets.

Founded by entrepreneur David Webster and his sons Jake and Curtis, Seventy Ninth Resources has its roots in humanitarianism and is currently one of the fastest growing natural resource companies in West Africa. After nine years of operating in the sector, our family-owned and managed company has been awarded Best New Business by the Best Business Awards, as well as Outstanding Fast-Growth Business by the Global Business Excellence Awards.

Our story in numbers

5 countries

Incorporated in five countries including the US, Canada, Gibraltar, the UK and UAE.

17 concessions

Our seventeen natural resource concessions under ownership and management.

£14 billion

More than £14 billion in identified gold deposits in neighbouring mines.

3 accreditations

3 notable accreditations from leading organisations.

30 years

Over 30 years experience in asset management and compliance.

1000+ km²

Our natural resource concessions collectively span over one thousand square kilometres in size.

Part of the Seventy Ninth™ family of companies, Seventy Ninth Resources is held to the same remarkably high standards as it’s sister companies.

ESG is at the heart of our operation. We understand how to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future.

Our commitments are both achievable and sustainable as they consider global impacts such as environmental footprint, culture, and economics. We continuously review the usage of materials, energy, emissions, and waste as part of our ongoing commitment. We evidence our improvements through external auditing bodies which are aligned to international standards.

Our approved participation in the United Nations Global Compact and #BEBOLD movement encourages transparency in reporting on our commitments.

Bill Kellaway, Chairman - SRK Exploration


Working with global leaders.

SRK Exploration is a global leader in delivering international consultancy services to clients, with many years spent servicing the world’s leading mining companies.

Contracted by Seventy Ninth Resources to advise on all matters regarding the identification and exploration of potential mineral deposits. We benefit from their extensive experience within the industry and allow their expertise to guide us when acquiring a natural resource concession.

“I’m coming to the end of my career and it would be great to look back and say that was the project where everybody did the right thing at the right time

Bill Kellaway, Chairman – SRK Exploration

Our Management Team

Jake Webster

Managing Director

Dave Webster


Curtis Webster

Investment Director

The 79th Journal

Our thoughts. Our work. Our Experiences.


The 79th Journal

Our thoughts. Our work. Our Experiences.


Working With Key Strategic Advisors is Integral to our operations.

Commercial partners are integral to the success and stability of any business but even more so in the exploration and management of mineral exploration. Seventy Ninth Resource’s commercial partnerships have been nurtured over the past eight years for their respective expertise in delivering key services specific to our business.